Thursday, November 17, 2016

Around the World in 80 Days Blog "Test"

Around the world in 80 days is an amazing book that teaches us that there are no limitations to what you can do when you use your resources. The book Around the World in 80 days is about a man named Phileas Fogg who makes a bet that he can travel the "world" in 80 days. This book is centered around four main , who are  Phileas Fogg himself, his servant Passepartout, Mr. Fix a detective that is sent to follow and arrest Mr. Fogg believing that he is a bank robber on the run, and then finally there is Auoda a woman that Mr. Fogg and Passepartout saved from being burned alive in sacrificed ritual. These four characters face many problems a long there journey and managed to get out of them alive. Today I will be talking about three of the most major problems they have faced during their journey of around the world in 80 days.

The first problem that Mr. Fogg and Passepartout have face is the train that they took had no more tracks to go on , therefore delaying their trip of traveling the world in 80 days. In chapter 11 the passage states ""Where are we?" asked Sir Francis. "At the hamlet of Kholby." "Do we stop here?" "Certainly. The railway isn't finished." "What! not finished?" "No. There's still a matter of fifty miles to be laid from here to Allahabad, where the line begins again." "But the papers announced the opening of the railway throughout." "What would you have, officer? The papers were mistaken."   What they are saying is that the paper they read in the beginning said that they were completely finished , but in truth they were not . Luckily as always Phileas Fogg remained calm and said to Sir Francis that he had foreseen that something like this would happen on a journey like this . Eventually they find their way to a elephant that Phileas Foggs decides to buy to transport them the rest of the way to India.

Another big problem they faced was in chapter 19 when Fix tells Passepartout about what he thinks his master did in London and why he is really on this journey , but Passepartout chooses not to accept it, so Fix decide to to get Passepartout drunk and pass out in a bar. Now because of this Passepartout didn't get to inform his master that the Carnatic was scheduled to leave earlier than the time that was given to him before, because of this error Mr. Fogg and Auoda missed the Carnatic and were forced to find a new transportation in such a limited amount of time. In the passage in chapter 20 they end up finding a boat not to take them to Yokohama but to Shanghai. There is a steamer in Shanghai that goes to Yokohama that will arrive there on the 11th and would make Mr. Fogg be on time for schedule. The problem and solution is very confusing but eventually Mr. Fogg got where he needed to go.

The last problem I will be telling you about is when Mr. Fix arrested Phileas Fogg just before he could finish his journey. In chapter 33 and 34 when Phileas Fogg was finally on London ground again , Mr. Fix with his warrant all ready , decided to arrest Mr. Fogg right before he was about to finish his journey. Phileas Fogg was accused of robbing a bank because he matched the description and the motive of the robber. Mr. Fix is a detective that was sent to follow him until he can get a warrant to arrest for the robbery. When he finally got the warrant it was too late because Mr. Fogg was already off London Territory so the warrant was rendered otherwise useless until Mr. Fogg stepped foot on London territory again. When he finally stepped foot on London Territory Mr. Fix in the passage said "But at this moment Fix came up, put his hand upon Mr. Fogg's shoulder, and, showing his warrant, said, "You are really Phileas Fogg?" "I am." "I arrest you in the Queen's name!" Eventually the way that Mr. Fogg got out of this situation was that they had caught the robber three days ago and Mr. Fogg was set free, but not before he gave Mr. Fix a big slap across the face for delaying his journey.

In conclusion, this book faced many obstacles and problems but at the end the main characters overcame all of them. These characters overcome transportation issues, personal issues, time issues, and even official military issues, but they still manage to overcome all of it and find a way out. I think that this book teaches you that they're are no limitations as long as you use your resources (and have a lot of money) . I think this because the characters face so many obstacles but they still didn't let it discourage them (not a lot) and they found different , creative and crazy ways to overcome them and came out winning in the end. R.I.P Around the World and 80 Days.😭

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